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On this website we would like to present you with a list of all the most popular dog breeds, with endless details so that you can evaluate which breed of dog to incorporate into your family.

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First step to have a pedigree dog

First of all we are going to focus on pedigree dogs, but all dogs have or possess genes from one or more breeds, that is to say, dogs that do not have a pedigree, does not mean that they are not pedigree dogs, it is clear that in these cases the breed is crossed, but in most cases they are better dogs than the pure breed, as the mixture of genes from various breeds enhances the qualities of the breed.

For example if we have a dog whose father is an American Stanford and whose mother is a German Shepherd, we will have as a result different puppies that will depend on whether they have acquired more qualities from the father or the mother or even that the parents of a puppy are already crossed, so the breed is not lost but mixed obtaining dogs of breed called mongrels.

Once we have clarified a very important point such as knowing that all dogs are purebred (of one or several mixed breeds), we now move on to know which breed is the most suitable for us, either because we live in a small flat or because, on the contrary, we have a piece of land and we want our dog to be the guardian of the area.

Therefore we have divided the breed dogs in three pillars, according to the size of the dog, according to the activity and according to the coat, so we want you to be able to choose in a perfect way the pet that will be integrated in your family, depending on the needs, either because you have illusion for a type of dog as for example a giant size or simply because you choose the breed depending on your environment (dimension, climate, extension, free time, etc.).

Classification of Breed Dogs

As we were telling you before, we have made three pillars with which to classify the breed dogs and therefore it is much easier for you to choose the ideal dog to share your lives, choose the type of classification you are most interested in:

Once you have chosen the classification you are most interested in, to choose your favourite dog, you will see that within this classification you will find all the varieties with which the breed dogs are classified, to be able to select the one you are most interested in and it is then when you will only see the breed dogs that fulfil the characteristics you have chosen.

Don't buy, adopt a pet

From "Perros de Raza" we want to make you aware so that you adopt a pet instead of buying it, with this you will collaborate so that more homeless dogs can fulfil the dream of having a family, they are also homeless dogs that the great majority have been unjustly abandoned, when a dog would never abandon its pack.

We have a website that we collaborate with that is in charge of offering adoptions or allowing if you see an abandoned dog you can publish it and a family can take care of the dog, they are "pets for adoption".

Remember that a pet is not a toy, that we should never give a pet away, because a life is not given away, it is simply shared and the person who is going to receive the pet has to be responsible and aware of all the obligations that this entails, therefore adopting a pet is an admirable act, but always from a responsible point of view.

Things to bear in mind before adopting a pet

We have to take into account that puppies are often offered for adoption or simply given away because they cannot be cared for, and who doesn't like a puppy, but be careful, because that puppy will grow up, but your responsibility with its care will still be clear, so if you are not sure, don't adopt it.

Another mistake that is often made is to adopt a pet without the full consent of the family, that is, the family is a whole that has to agree in its entirety, if any member of the same doubt, the thing can get a little complicated, so before adopting you have to talk about it all members of the family.

And another of the most common mistakes is to adopt a dog or cat and think that they will do what you want them to do, well, they will never stop being an animal and will do their needs in a more or less controlled way, but there will always be times when they will do their needs in places where we don't like it at all, so before adopting you have to be aware of this.

And finally, a pet can be socialised and taught to behave less like an animal, but it won't be easy and there will always be times when they can break things, either by biting dogs or scratching cats, and they won't understand that you are angry about what they have done, as they are animals that work by instinct and not by feelings.

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