Classified by Size

perro de raza clasificados por tamaño

The size of a dog is one of the most important conditions to incorporate it to our family, normally it depends on where we are going to have the dog, inside a small flat it is not convenient to have a big dog, therefore here we classify the breed dogs by their size.

  1. Breed Dogs Classified by Size
    1. The importance of size in a Pedigree Dog

Breed Dogs Classified by Size

As we were saying, the size of the dog is very important and therefore it will determine which is the most suitable size for our case, if we have space we will have no problem to have a big size dog.

But if we do not have a large space such as a small flat, then we should consider that a large dog will not have the quality of life it needs, because it does not have a large space for its day to day life.

The importance of size in a Pedigree Dog

As we were just telling you, the size of the dog does not have to be just a whim of ours, we have to be aware that often the size is linked to the activity and therefore the bigger the dog the more space it needs.

We have to be clear that large and giant dogs are best in country and mountain areas, such as country houses, chalets and large areas where they do not feel oppressed.

Then we can count on the medium breed dogs, which we would classify as wild cards, that is to say, they could be used for all types of locations, both in small and large spaces.

And finally, breed dogs classified as small and dwarf, the best location for them is none other than a cosy home, where they feel supported by their owner and therefore a small flat may be enough.

To sum up, we have to be clear that the space where we place the pedigree dog will have a lot to do with its size, it does not always have to be like this, but it does in the great majority of cases.

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