Classified by Coat

perros de raza clasificados por pelaje

All dogs do not have the same coat and that is why we wanted to classify dog breeds depending on their coat, as this will be a very important point to take into account and depending on the coat we will have to carry out certain maintenance on the animal.

  1. Dogs of Breed Classified by Coat
  2. The importance of the coat on a pedigree dog

Dogs of Breed Classified by Coat

Knowing what type of coat the dog we want to incorporate into our family has is of vital importance, for example we should not have a dog with a complicated coat in the countryside as it would always look bad, and therefore it would be more advisable to keep it in clean places where the maintenance of its coat can be easier.

The importance of the coat on a pedigree dog

Depending on the type of coat of the dog we are incorporating, we will have to take into account one or another type of maintenance. It is also of vital importance to know that every so often they change part of the hair and in certain places it can be uncomfortable.

At the same time, the coat will also determine which climate is the most suitable for this breed of dog and we should acquire the dog whose coat is most suitable for the climate in which it is going to develop.

As a curiosity we can also find some breeds that do not have hair, this can be quite good if we are allergic to the dog's hair, but it tends to be a rather delicate dog.

It should be noted that the breed of dog that has a longer coat will always need more maintenance, such as untangling the coat and washing them using special conditioners for them, so we will keep them properly.

If you have a piece of land or a place in the countryside where you have considered having a dog breed, it would be advisable for it to have a short or medium coat, as it will always have a neater appearance, as in the countryside dogs tend to get much dirtier than in a flat.

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