Classified by Activity

perro de raza clasificados por actividad

This classification dates back to earlier years when dogs were used for a defined purpose and breeds were improved according to desired abilities to be used to perform certain tasks.

  1. Breed Dogs Classified by Activity
    1. The Importance of Activity in a Pedigree Dog

Breed Dogs Classified by Activity

Therefore, knowing what type of activity our pet has is very important, so that we know how to educate it at all times and above all what needs we are going to have to incorporate in order to keep it in perfect condition.

The Importance of Activity in a Pedigree Dog

Depending on the needs we want for our pet, we will opt for one or the other, it is clear that if you only want to have a companion dog, it may be that activity is not your main request.

But it never hurts to know that dog that we want to incorporate into our family, where we must classify it to offer all the necessary attention and that this dog of race this perfectly coupled to our family.

At the same time we have to be clear, that hunting or shepherd dogs are the most active, therefore if our desire is to have a dog that is within one of these activities, we must give him the activity that he is going to demand, because if it is not so, we can cause psychological imbalances.

A dog, depending on the activity, needs more or less exercise, so if we are not offering our dog the activity it demands, we can provoke undesired behaviour.

The behaviour of our purebred dog depends directly on how we educate him and treat him, and we are not referring to taking good care of him (which of course we must do) but to the fact that we must make it clear to him that we are above him in the family hierarchy.

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